Linda Smith

"Linda Smith's varied and well-played . . . program of Brahms's late Vier Klavierstücke, Bach's Partita No. 4 and Chopin's Barcarolle, Op. 60 is straight stuff.  What makes her [compact] disc special is the inclusion of Samuel Barber's Piano Sonata.  In hindsight, Barber's may be the perfect post-modern sonata with Baroque bits bumping up against jazz dissonance.  Smith handles it all comfortably . . . "  (Willamette Week) 

“. . . dazzling technique, purity of tone, and generous warmth . . . Smith plays with a sense of compassionate humanity . . . dignity, and strength.”  (Rhonda Ringering, News-Times)

Smith plays with a “tremendous sense of power, vitality and integrity.  You can’t help but listen.  She draws you in.”  (Dr. Jill Timmons, Artist-in-Residence, Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon)


Patricia Blem

"Patricia Blem creates a Sarah Bernhardt who is grand, charismatic, histrionic and human...a beautifully shaded performance."  (Jerry Kraft---KBPX Public Radio)

"Blem is superb....she can make her simple character extremely funny without ever making fun of her.   Patricia Blem's performance is an appealing blend of sensibility, strength, bashfulness, and humor."  (Bob Hicks----The Oregonian)

"Patricia Blem sinks her teeth deliciously into her role...her phrasings are perfect, and so are even the smallest gestures"  (Jim Kershner---The Spokesman-Review)


Composers in Skirts

“Linda Smith and Patricia Blem's performance "Composers in Skirts" is a wonderful history lesson about women composers.  Smith, an accomplished pianist, interprets the composer's works masterfully.  Blem, an actress, portrays each composer, giving insight into each woman's background and personality.”  (Jacqueline Brown, writer for East Oregonian, Pendleton, Oregon)

"Ms. Smith and Ms. Blem presented an intriguing program that brought to life the words, music, and personalities of six women composers. The program was enthusiastically received, and the audience reported new insights into gender and music.”  (Dr. Matthew Cooper, Professor of Music, Eastern Oregon University, La Grande, Oregon)

"[The] show was absolutely magnificent. Extremely well polished, professional, informative, engaging and very entertaining. We were elated to have such a wonderful performance be part of our 2003 ArtBeat celebration.  (John Mery, Professor of Music, Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon)